Knights Program

“I first assumed Knights of the 21st Century was a "feel good churchy" men's program that had nothing to offer me. After several weeks, and with the support of my father, I finally began to understand what it meant to be a real man of honor. This program will challenge you to confront the past while looking ahead to a better future. I recommend it to all man who are willing to change."

~ Michael DiNunzio
Lebanon Valley
Knights of the 21st Century

Journey with other men toward a life of Strength, Honor & Integrity. 

Knights of the 21st Century
is a Men’s Ministry Study Series that organizations, prisons and churches are using to motivate men toward integrity and true manhood. “Knights” is a Non-denominational yet unapologetically Christian men’s curriculum. The results are men who are holding each other to a higher standard, and according to their reports and those of grateful family members, are changing the world around them.

Ask yourself...
What do you believe?  Why do you believe it?  Where is the focus of your life taking you?

This material is unique as it uses a Knighthood metaphor grounded in Biblical principles that calls men to nobility in their thoughts and actions. Knights of the 21st Century motivates and challenges men to reach their full potential in all areas of life.

During each weekly gathering, we begin with 15 minutes of refreshments and hosting time, providing the men with some welcome entertainment and laughter after a hard day’s work. We open our workbooks and proceed to the live lesson taught by Steve Sabol. We then conclude with the men breaking up into small groups (campfires). Through Campfires, men have an opportunity to internalize and apply the lesson in a casual open discussion. Over several weeks, the men often form strong bonds of trust and accountability that they carry with them beyond the weekly meetings.

Upon finishing each year, the men are encouraged to complete and turn in a Knighthood Plan, which is a list of personal goals designed to be used as an accountability tool for that year. For those who complete the 24-week journey, we hold a graduation ceremony that their friends and families can attend, honoring each man by presenting him with a Dog Tag and Knights’ Certificate.

We proclaim, “The boy in you must die, the man in you must live!”
for your family, your friends, your community...for yourself.



Come as you are...

Here at the Lebanon Valley Knights of the 21st Century we welcome you to come as you are, but ask that you come with an open mind and to be open to the posibilites of a positive change in the way you approach your life.

From childood on, we all go through life accumulating different positive and negative experiences that shape our beliefs and the way we live our lifes and affect those around us.

Societies definition of what it takes to be a man has become increasingly obscure in a world full of materialism, selfishness, hyper sensuality and a blurred sense of morality and honor. One of the goals of the "Knights Program's" is to call males of all ages to an understanding and achievement of the authentic manhood. Together, we as men unite in standing in our determination to not settle for the average passive life but to learn and grow together as we strive for authentic manhood.

A typical Knights Program includes:

• Snacks & Refreshments (provided every night by our wonderful sponsors)

• Welcome and Announcments by David DiNunzio

• Beginning "Ice-Breaker Entertainment" to get us laughing after a hard days work

• 24 sessions presented by Steve Sabol

• Workbook which focuses men by outlining points of interest in the lessons and encourages development of a Knighthood plan for each participant

• Closing media clips to send us off into our Campfire Groups with a smile

• Small Group Leader to casually guide and encourage men’s active involvement in Campfire Groups

• Graduation materials for when we cross the finish line together